About Us

Our founder worked extensively all across Europe for the continent’s largest construction firms. He had seen it all, earned his own living, and decided to uproot and move to the United States to see what opportunities awaited him.

Once here, he chose to once again earn a position at one of the largest construction firms in the nation, and he put in the work necessary to learn how the United States handles construction projects. Much to his disappointment, he knew he could do much better. So, he started VAP Construction to prove it.

Redefining Construction – Elevating Experience!

At VAP Construction, we deliver premium services that meet all your expectations. When we take on projects, we aim to do everything necessary to get the project to its completion with our own team and with as few delays as possible. Our list of services is fairly extensive and we work closely with our clients to ensure they receive unparalleled satisfaction.


Our mission is simple. Our company was founded on the idea that other American construction companies weren’t cutting it, and our founder wanted to show Americans what a real construction professional could do. So, we aim to wow our clients with every single product. It is our mission to make you so content with our services that you know we are the best around.



When we construct something for you, we put our hearts and souls into it and ensure that is made to the highest standards possible. We don't cut corners, and we take our end product results very seriously.


We stick with a project to completion. We are dedicated to ensuring your dreams come true, and we never leave you disappointed

Benefiting Our Communities

Each project we take on has a profound impact on the people who call the surrounding area home. So, we take the opportunity to ensure our project adds to the atmosphere of the community instead of dragging it down.



Bathroom and Kitchen

We transform your kitchen and bathroom and add a magical touch to it. We remove, replace, and overall refurbish the cabinetry and other commodities found in kitchens and bathrooms.


Shine on! We paint interior surfaces to give them a fresh new look


We install or replace sheetrock when necessary or requested


We can fully replace old plaster or install plaster for a first-time project


We are equipped and experienced enough to handle all your framing needs

Wood Floor

Our team of professionals can install new wood floors in any home

Tile Installation

Add a wow-factor to your new space with premium tiles that grab attention

Electrical and Plumbing

Our certified experts can rewire a structure and handle plumbing tasks with ease


We install and repair AC based on your specifications. We also perform regular maintenance services so that you can avoid unnecessary issues.

Door & Window

We install stylish, elegant, and functional doors and windows. With great options at your fingertips, we ensure you get the best value for your money.



Replacing portions of an old roof or installing a new one is one of our specialties. We ensure you have complete peace of mind with our reliable roofing services


Exterior surfaces need to be waterproofed to protect the interior and ensure a long-lasting reliability and structural integrity. Let our experts handle it for you

Brick Works

Our team of expert brick layers will construct structures from brick for a durability that is rarely matched


We can replace or install siding where need be, and we only use the highest quality materials to do so.


We'll create a backyard environment that is both practical and enjoyable for the end user

Deck Installation

Deck installation is complex work, but our team of experts can get it done quickly and properly

Garage Door

We install garage doors as one of our finishing touches to ensure the end product is up to standard and accessible to its users.